Supporting a cause,
easier than ever

“Quickraiz” is an online crowdfunding and fundraising platform that allows both individuals and organizations raise funds easily and securely for causes that matter!

We provide a platform that will bridge the gap between fundraisers and donors.

Using Quickraiz as a go-to platform for personal fundraising by individuals, schools, Alumni and crowdfunding by NGOs/Charities, Health centres/Hospitlas, sports centres and communities, we aim at connecting fundraisers with potential donors.


Launched in 2018, our mission is to be Nigeria’s foremost crowdfunding platform providing an easy and secure online environment to raise and donate money. We aim to do this through excellent customer services provided by highly motivated staff, who share our goals and objectives. We hope to make collections and management of funds easy for individuals, Charities and NGOs, communities and all of Nigeria; Home and abroad.

Our vision is to create that meeting point for fundraisers and donours alike thereby changing lives and making funding for good causes easy, fast and secure.

Our convictions

We are of the opinion that big or small, EVERY cause matters.

Giving connects us to others, creating stronger communities and helping to build a happier society for everyone.

No amount is small, because little drops of water make oceans.

Generosity and charitable giving has a profound rippling effect. You never know, your single act of kindness could change lives in more ways than you possibly imagined.

What you should know about “Quickraiz”

Quickraiz is a web portal for your personal fundraising, group-gifting and crowdfunding needs.

Quickraiz supports everyone and is not limited to Charities and Non-Governmental Organizations.

Quickraiz has a reliable helpline service for all your fundraising enquiries.

At Quickraiz, security is highly important. Hence, all your personal data is protected and encrypted to provide a secure and reliable service. Your money is in good hands!